Understand what drives independent agents, so you can drive more business.

Everything we do revolves around one simple but powerful premise:

"If you make it easier for agents to do more business with you, they will."

With unparalleled insight into the dynamics of P&C carrier-agent relationships, our team uses custom research and our proprietary Agent Business Indicator® model to measure a carrier’s competitive position across 11 Performance Factors that matter the most to agents.

Based on comprehensive analysis of these metrics, we collaborate with each client to pinpoint and prioritize opportunities for improvement, and then implement effective initiatives to earn more business.

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Our Successes

Over the years, Deep Customer Connections survey results have fed the annual strategic planning process of many carriers, improving results and saving money by ensuring investment in the right priorities. Here is a sampling of specific results achieved:

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Who We Work With

Our clients include leading property and casualty carriers across North America. We examine the carrier-agent working relationship from the perspectives of both agents and carriers, and present information and analyses as well as hands-on support to enable our clients to compete more effectively. See our client list here.

Our Team

Our experienced team offers research and consulting services to help clients identify and prioritize opportunities, develop solution plans, and implement those plans. Because we collaborate with our clients, implementation is faster, more effective and less expensive while also creating significant learning and skill development within the organization.

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Years of experience in the P&C insurance business illustrated how the constantly-changing competitive landscape could silently shift how independent agents view the relative value of writing business with each carrier they represent. Understanding the complex dynamics of this mysterious process and advising property and casualty carriers on how to most effectively improve their performance became our life’s work.

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" The Deep Customer Connections model articulates the breadth and complexity of ease of doing business in a way that enables us to focus. Because making it easier is made up of a thousand little things, it was a big step for us to be able to break it down and focus. We've learned to better understand how we can improve-to identify and seize specific opportunities-and have seen improvement because of our focus.
- Kevin Steiner,

West Bend Mutual Insurance