Based on our work in the property and casualty insurance industry, we determined that how easy it is for their agents to write business with them is a critical issue for carriers. And yet, time and time again, we saw carriers struggle to accurately track and maintain their competitive advantage.

We knew that making progress on this issue would be limited because across the industry there was:

  • No common understanding of the factors that contribute to making it easier for agents to write business
  • No shared language carriers and agents used to describe it
  • No hard data about how important it is to independent agents' buying decision
  • No agreement about the relative importance of the different factors
  • No tools to measure carriers' performance against those factors

To solve those problems, we developed a comprehensive model of what makes it easier for agents to place their business with one carrier over another. In 2003, we launched our first industry survey. We also employ other tools, such as interviews and focus groups, in our research to understand and improve the effectiveness of the carrier-agent relationship.

We continuously validate and refine our model and our tools as market dynamics evolve.

Understanding the dynamics of this complex process and advising property and casualty carriers on how to most effectively improve their performance became our focus.

"The Deep Customer Connections model articulates the breadth and complexity of ease of doing business in a way that enables us to focus. Because making it easier is made up of a thousand little things, it was a big step for us to be able to break it down and focus. We've learned to better understand how we can improve-to identify and seize specific opportunities-and have seen improvement because of our focus." - Kevin Steiner,
West Bend Mutual Insurance

Objective Research

Our quantitative research paints a clear, objective picture of your strengths and vulnerabilities within your competitive context.

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Competitive Advantage

Combine our research, results and expertise with your knowledge and experience to identify the highest leverage opportunities and build an implementation strategy.

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