Our Successes

Increase Performance Ratings

Discovered that client’s improvement plans had the wrong priorities. Client followed recommendations to change their improvement priorities to two areas of operations where agents emphasized greater need for improvement and shift some resources away from an area where agents rated them more favorably than expected. Over a three-year period, performance ratings improved significantly.

Inspire Changes That Earned Innovation Award

Helped one P&C carrier focus all employees on achieving the corporate goal of providing a rare and valuable insurance experience. Carrier cut claim cycle time by 38%, reduced annual processing hours in personal lines by 43%, and launched a new mobile app and a new billing system. These results earned the carrier NAMIC’s 2014 Award in Innovation.

Improve Processes, Response Times, Communications

In clarifying a project to market-test collaterals, revealed a deeper need – to understand what influences producers to place business with a specific carrier, and how the client's current performance matched those producer needs. Designed and conducted focus groups to explore those issues, identifying opportunities and priorities. The client immediately implemented several "low-hanging fruit" changes in the submission process, the quote and response time, and the speed of policy issuance. They also took on action items to make more complex, near-term changes, including developing and implementing customer service metrics, making web site modifications, and clarifying their underwriting appetite and communicating it more clearly. Finally, they began efforts on longer-term enhancements such as increasing carrier-producer face-time, expanding a particular product line, and developing more effective carrier-producer interface technology tools.

reduce cycle time, improve client satisfaction

Led management through the process of setting improvement priorities and chartering breakthrough improvement teams. Trained improvement teams; co-led team that re-designed the claims process resulting in 55% reduction in cycle time, 27% improvement in claimant satisfaction scores.

Eliminate Inconsistencies, Reduce Cycle Time

Guided a large automobile insurer through a process analysis, which reduced the cycle time of policy issue by more than 50% and simultaneously eliminated 82% of the processing inconsistencies which existed between two operations centers.

Coach Cross-Functional Team

Organized, trained and provided hands-on coaching to a “Customer Conversation Team,” whose purpose was to instill a service-to-the-agent-oriented mindset within the entire organization. The teams, consisting of "informal leaders" from all levels and functions across the organization, met individually with agents in an informal, conversational way. They pooled, analyzed and synthesized the results of their conversations into a number of statements that express what is important from the agents' perspective. The results motivated individuals and teams to identify specific things they were going to do differently, including an accountant who simply handled agent expense forms.

"The Deep Customer Connections model articulates the breadth and complexity of ease of doing business in a way that enables us to focus. Because making it easier is made up of a thousand little things, it was a big step for us to be able to break it down and focus. We've learned to better understand how we can improve-to identify and seize specific opportunities-and have seen improvement because of our focus." - Kevin Steiner,
West Bend Mutual Insurance

Objective Research

Our quantitative research paints a clear, objective picture of your strengths and vulnerabilities within your competitive context.

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Competitive Advantage

Combine our research, results and expertise with your knowledge and experience to identify the highest leverage opportunities and build an implementation strategy.

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