Our Team

Raymond Huizenga, Senior Associate

Ray brings 35 years of executive, management and consulting experience to his work. As a consultant he has worked with companies on improving organizational performance. He has both strategic and tactical human resources experience with particular strength in HR strategy development; change management implementation; executive coaching; and organization, leadership and individual development.

He has held the position of Vice President – Human Resources at three very successful companies: a property and casualty insurance company, a high tech manufacturing company, and a software development company. In these organizations, he helped build a competitive advantage by creating strong cultures and reputations as employer of choice. As part of his accountabilities, he has managed HR internationally and established offices throughout Europe and in Shanghai.

As an earlier client of Deep Customer Connections at a P&C company, Ray helped redesign corporate structure and processes to provide the company a competitive advantage through making it easier for agents to place business with the company. He started his career as an engineer and line manager for a Fortune 200 electric and gas utility. There he held several positions in HR: head of technical training, head of corporate employee training and development and HR business strategy.

He has a bachelor in engineering and master's in management science degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey. Ray is a Senior Associate at Deep Customer Connections, Inc.

Objective Research

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Competitive Advantage

Combine our research, results and expertise with your knowledge and experience to identify the highest leverage opportunities and build an implementation strategy.

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