Who We Work With


  • Acadia Insurance
  • American Mining
  • Bankers Insurance Group
  • Berkley Fire and Marine
  • Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group
  • EMC Insurance
  • Erie Insurance Group
  • Germania Insurance
  • Hanover Group
  • MMG Insurance
  • Motorists Mutual Insurance
  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
  • One Beacon Professional
  • Safety Insurance
  • SECURA Insurance
  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • United Fire Group
  • Union Standard
  • West Bend Mutual Insurance

Outstanding Functionality

"The functionality of the results is outstanding! We received an abundance of competitive insights that highlighted very specific strengths and weaknesses.  For example, since each of our branch offices have assigned territories, they can break the numbers down quickly, and easily analyze their own agency force." - Bruce G. Kelley, President & CEO, EMC Insurance Companies

Solid Return on Investment

"We have found the process of working with Deep Customer Connections to be easy and straightforward. The survey process is well facilitated and the results are easy to interpret and apply. DCC’s ability to consolidate and quantify the feedback gives us a solid return on the dollars invested." - Matthew R. McHatten, SVP, External Operations, MMG Insurance

A Trusted Ally

"Deep Customer Connections has become a trusted ally in our ongoing effort to make it easier for our agents to write business with us. Their research has been very useful. and we especially appreciate their ability to work flexibly and closely with us to apply what we've learned and to integrate it into our strategic planning process." - John Bykowski, President & CEO, SECURA Insurance

Refreshingly Knowledgeable About P&C Business

"All organizations know they have some units or areas that are stronger than others, and the Deep Customer Connections survey really helped us pinpoint the areas in which we are excelling and others where we need to improve. We are confident this will help us focus our resources on improvement and continuing to excel in this very competitive business. We are constantly contacted by consultants wanting to help us, but few know very much about the insurance business. Deep Customer Connections is very aware of the business, especially how the distribution system works for companies that use the independent agency system, and we find that very refreshing." - Randy Ramlo, President/CEO, United Fire Group

Quantifiable Information of Great Value

"Deep Customer Connections provided Motorists with quantifiable information that will be a great value to the organization. Importantly, DCC provided us with a realistic list of points to be considered during our corporate planning process." - Grady Campbell, CIC, AAI, VP, Property and Casualty Marketing, Motorists Insurance Group

Enables Us to Focus

"The Deep Customer Connections model articulates the breadth and complexity of ease of doing business in a way that enables us to focus. Because making it easier is made up of a thousand little things, it was a big step for us to be able to break it down and focus. We've learned to better understand how we can improve—to identify and seize specific opportunities—and have seen improvement because of our focus." - Kevin Steiner, President, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Unbiased, Valuable Insights

"Deep Customer Connections has given us unbiased, valuable insights that inform the investments we make towards delivering an extraordinary sales & service experience for our partners. They have demonstrated a willingness to customize the analytics and conversation to our needs." - Mark Galante, Vice President, Hanover Insurance

Find Opportunities for High Leverage Fixes

"Deep Customer Connections helped us see what agents think we do very well and areas where we could improve. We've simplified our underwriting process to make it easier for agents to do business with us and we've equipped our underwriters to engineer accounts rather than following rules. The survey also helped us find opportunities for some high leverage but easy technology fixes we could provide for agents." - Bob Horn, Vice President, Marketing, Enumclaw Insurance Group

Macro and Micro Information

"Since 2006, Deep Customer Connections' ability to provide information regarding State Auto and the industry on both a macro and micro basis has allowed State Auto to focus on those areas where we can improve. We've taken steps to improve specific areas based on feedback provided, as well as in how we communicate with our sales force." - John Petrucci, CPCU, AAI, AU, VP/Sales, State Auto Insurance Companies

Easy, Well-Managed Process

"The research process with Deep Customer Connections is easy and well managed. We participate in order to learn about areas where improvement is needed. The ability to gather data about our performance that can be sliced in many different ways is very useful." - Jim Schwalen, Vice President, Personal Lines and Marketing, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

A Partnership

"As we've worked with Deep Customer Connections over the years and tailored our data and requests, the State Auto-DCC relationship has really become a partnership. And most importantly, we are making tangible changes to our operations based on survey feedback." - Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CMCT, Senior Sales Consultant, State Auto Insurance Companies

"We distribute exclusively through independent agents and making it easier for them to do business with us is one of our most critical success factors. Deep Customer Connections helped us identify both our strengths and weaknesses and prioritize our investments in service improvements." - James Berry,
Vice President, Insurance Operations
Safety Insurance Company

Objective Research

Our quantitative research paints a clear, objective picture of your strengths and vulnerabilities within your competitive context.

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Competitive Advantage

Combine our research, results and expertise with your knowledge and experience to identify the highest leverage opportunities and build an implementation strategy.

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