Custom research may be any one or combination of surveys, focus groups and interviews. In every case, we use whatever tools are best suited to achieving your goals in your circumstance. Our first focus is on clarifying your goals – what do you want to accomplish overall and what questions does the research need to answer to enable that achievement?

Based on those clarifications, we develop the most effective process (survey, focus groups, interviews, or other approaches) and questions to ensure the deliverables you want. Depending on the situation, we may do some testing before conducting the research, completing our analysis, and presenting results.

And we won't simply leave you with a binder to gather dust. Deep Customer Connections results include interpretation and recommendations based both on the research and our deep industry experience, so you'll also make progress on planning and implementation. As with all of our work, in addition to the custom research results, it will be a developmental experience for your people because of the way we engage you in our work along the way.

Sample Engagement

A client initially wanted market testing of collaterals. Our discussion with them revealed a deeper need – clarity of what influences producers in their decisions of which carrier to place business with, what producers want in their relationship with carriers, and how the client's current performance matched those producer needs. We designed and conducted focus groups to explore those issues and reported back to the client, identifying opportunities and priorities.


Based on our research and analysis, the client identified and immediately implemented several "low-hanging fruit" changes in the submission process, the quote and response time, and the speed of policy issuance. They also took on action items to make more complex, near-term changes, including developing and implementing customer service metrics, making web site modifications, and clarifying their underwriting appetite and communicating it more clearly. Finally, they began efforts on longer-term enhancements such as increasing carrier-producer face-time, expanding a particular product line, and developing more effective carrier-producer interface technology tools.

"The research process with Deep Customer Connections is easy and well managed. We participate in order to learn about areas where improvement is needed. The ability to gather data about our performance that can be sliced in many different ways is very useful." - Jim Schwalen,
VP, Personal Lines and Marketing
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

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