• February 12, 2015

    Is Anybody Listening? What Agents Say About Carrier Relationships

    Nort Salz, CEO of Deep Customer Connections, has been surveying agents on behalf of individual P/C insurance carrier clients for years. Recently, as he tallied up responses from a new survey of nearly 500 agents who are readers of Insurance Journal, he expressed some frustration with the findings.

    This article highlights some of the write-in comments from agents who were asked to score the helpfulness of carrier technology and relationships in four aspects of their day-to-day activities.

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    Is Anybody Listening? What Agents Say About Carrier Relationships

"We are constantly contacted by consultants wanting to help us, but few know very much about the insurance business. Deep Customer Connections is very aware of the business, especially how the distribution system works for companies that use the independent agency system, and we find that very refreshing." - Randy Ramlo,
United Fire Group

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