Beyond Juris podcastToday I’d like to share some insights into Deep Customer Connections from a more personal perspective.

Recently Deep Customer Connections founder Nort Salz and I were interviewed for the podcast Beyond Juris, Episode #4. Check out the interview below, or the podcast series here.

If you are involved in or interested in InsurTech and customer experience, you will gain insights by listening. We talk about building a business, planning for succession, and buying and selling. Nort shares the ups and downs of founding, developing, and transitioning a startup. I discuss what attracted me to take over the reins of Deep Customer Connection, and the additional value I hope to bring to carrier/agent relationships through my leadership in this business. Listen here or below.

“Beyond Juris” is Iowa’s first syndicated legal podcast discussing innovations in the law and the law for innovators. The hosts, Dickinson Law attorneys Andrea Rastelli and Grace Bogart, are dedicated to helping technology and data entrepreneurs take their first steps into the startup ecosystem and then thrive.