Insurance Banter with Burand & BorupThis morning I read an insightful Harvard Business Review article that was recommended by a member of our DCC Innovators Group—Bringing True Strategic Foresight Back to Business by Amy Webb. (Thank you, Jeff!)

The author identified a major challenge faced by many companies today that is especially relevant to insurance carriers:

“While managing margins is vital, it must be balanced with the pursuit of innovation and growth opportunities to prevent strategic myopia and secure a company’s competitive edge in the future.”

I couldn’t agree more. In this recent podcast I spoke with Chris Burand and Paul Borup about how property & casualty insurers can go about achieving this type of strategic balance.

DCC and Burand & Associates have been working together to identify carriers that excel at balancing surgical expense management with ease of business as measured by the industry-standard DCC Index. In the podcast we discuss what other carriers can learn from our work:

  • What does an Avocado Farmer and an Insurer have in common?
  • What portions of the DCC Index are most correlated with growth and financial performance?
  • Why technology is not the only important thing.
  • Expense considerations when evaluating growth strategies.
  • What problems underwriting inconsistency creates.

If you would like additional insight into strategies for balancing growth with on-going financial performance, let me know.