If you make it easier for agents to write
more business with you, they will.

If you make it easier for agents to write more business with you, they will.

The DCC Index

Your Opportunity Index for P&C Agent Loyalty

The DCC Index® gives property and casualty carriers a strategic edge in earning more business by fostering agent loyalty.

Using the DCC Index, you can reliably:

  • Measure your organization’s performance in areas that matter most to your agents
  • Establish factor-by-factor benchmarks against key competition
  • Track your performance over time
  • Identify specific areas for improvement
  • Drill down to identify best practices in pockets of excellence

The result? A proprietary look at your best opportunities to win by making it easier for agents to write business with you.

"The DCC Pulse program helps us excel in those areas most important to our Agency partners."

Eric Nelson, CPCU, ARP
President and CEO
Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw

Independent agents agree that ease of doing business is critical in choosing which P&C carrier gets their business.

How the DCC Index Works

Our proprietary index is validated by over 3.6 million data points from 72,000 + independent P&C agent interactions.

The DCC Index incorporates and quantifies 11 factors that agents indicate are critical to their placement decisions. We gather and analyze your data using this proven and consistent process, which makes the DCC Index ideal for benchmarking—both against your competitors and yourself.

Slice & Dice Competitive Data According to Your Priorities

Your team will receive a comprehensive report that highlights key findings and breaks out the data in whatever ways you use to manage your business.

Interactive charts allow any team member to drill down for deep detail in areas they find most meaningful.



Independent metrics and agent insights detail where you stand against your competitors on the quest for agent loyalty—and WHY.


Monitor the heartbeat of your agent relationships to create urgency for continuous improvement and inspire a culture of excellence.