If you make it easier for agents to write
more business with you, they will.

If you make it easier for agents to write more business with you, they will.

Agent Analytics for P&C Insurance Carriers

“If you make it easier for agents to do more business with you, they will.”

An agent’s decision to recommend one P&C carrier over another is a complex matrix of variables. How can you distinguish your organization from its competitors in the areas that matter most?

Deep Customer Connections measures your organization’s competitive performance in 11 key factors using its proprietary DCC Index. Based on thorough analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, we help you pinpoint and leverage opportunities to cement agent loyalty through ease of doing business.

Over the years our clients have relied on DCC metrics as the cornerstone of strategic programs to drive innovation and optimize the customer experience.

"Taking the time to really listen to agent partners and analyze the insights from DCC helps us deliver the innovative solutions and exceptional service that ensures mutual success."

Scott Jean, President and CEO
EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance


Independent metrics and agent insights detail where you stand against your competitors on the quest for agent loyalty—and WHY.


Monitor the heartbeat of your agent relationships to create urgency for continuous improvement and inspire a culture of excellence.

DCC Index

The foundation for all DCC market intelligence, this proprietary index gives you the strategic edge in understanding how your company can increase loyalty within your P&C agent network and earn more business.