If you make it easier for agents to write
more business with you, they will.

If you make it easier for agents to write more business with you, they will.

Benchmark Analytics

Know Where You Stand Against Your Competitors—and WHY

DCC’s Benchmark program delivers custom competitive metrics to Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers who want to excel in building independent agent loyalty.

At the heart of our work lies the DCC Index®, which identifies and quantifies the factors most likely to make agents write more business with a carrier. Refined over more than a decade, the model has been validated by over 3.6 million data points from 72,000 + independent P&C agent interactions.

Using this model, DCC’s Benchmark evaluation measures your agents’ perception of how easy it is for them to do business with you compared to your competitors.

In addition, the DCC analysis tells stories of your strengths and your opportunities for improvement—stories that you and your leadership team can use to fine tune your strategy, align your team, innovate and drive operational change.

"DCC helped us identify both our strengths and weaknesses and prioritize our investments in service improvements."

James Berry, Vice President of Underwriting
Safety Insurance Company

Safety Insurance

Reliable Metrics for Strategic Planning

Competitive intelligence. Comprehensive and methodical data collection. In-depth analysis by skilled P&C industry experts. When you apply rigorous, metrics-based discipline to your strategic planning, your organization will achieve measurably better results.

DCC’s proven process delivers analytics that you can trust to be complete, accurate, and free of unintentional bias. With hard facts to feed your strategic planning process, your entire team will quickly reach consensus on your top priorities.

Analyze Agent Stories for Greater Insight

With anonymity guaranteed, agents feel free to openly recount stories that illustrate their experience. We organize agent comments by theme and sort them by many categories to make it easy to identify trends. Agent stories provide specific insights into what you can do to improve the agent experience and earn a greater share of their best business.

Prioritize with Confidence

The numbers point the way. When you turn to DCC to quantify the facts of the competitive landscape, your management team will spend less time deciding which projects to pursue and more time actively improving your potential. 

Validate Technology and Innovation Requirements

Technology is arguably one of the most challenging areas for P&C carriers to manage. Deep Customer Connections sharpens your IT vision with hard ratings on how well your technology helps agents close and keep business compared to technology from your direct competitors.

Add in our qualitative analysis—experience in identifying patterns within agent comments that point to specific enhancements, new functionality or trends—and it’s easy to prioritize “high impact” over “technologically cool.”

Sharing independent metrics with employees and agents can add a new level of transparency and teamwork to your business relationships.
And when you use the data to benchmark performance, you provide tangible evidence of your commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Independent agents agree that ease of doing business is critical in choosing which P&C carrier gets their business.



Monitor the heartbeat of your agent relationships to create urgency for continuous improvement and inspire a culture of excellence.


Your strategic edge in building loyalty within your P&C agent network. This proprietary index exposes actionable market intelligence.