If you make it easier for agents to write
more business with you, they will.

If you make it easier for agents to write more business with you, they will.

PULSE Analytics

Measuring the Heartbeat of Your Agency Relationships

P&C carriers who recognize the power of the DCC Index to help them drive innovation in their organizations rely on the PULSE program to build and sustain a culture of excellence.

Every-other-month delivery of key performance metrics keeps opportunities for improvement front and center for all departments. PULSE carriers celebrate their wins quickly, while consistent feedback creates urgency for continuous improvement.

With regular review of PULSE rolling averages, you can proactively:

  • Align your entire team to customer loyalty goals
  • Identify and analyze trends as they happen
  • Correct emerging issues before they escalate
  • Leverage new opportunities before your competition
  • Relax knowing that you’re closely monitoring the health of your agent relationships

"As our single method of acquiring new Members, Independent Agents are our lifeline to success. Making it as easy as possible for them to do business with us is a core element of our long-term strategy. The DCC Pulse program helps us excel in those areas most important to our Agency partners."

Eric Nelson, CPCU, ARP
President and CEO
Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw

Institutionalize Excellence

Weave a culture of excellence into the very fabric of your organization when your management team evaluates PULSE results six times per year. Ongoing attention to progress towards goals reinforces the commitment to customer experience as a core corporate value.

Inspire Innovation

People love to be recognized for a job well done. Drill down into your data to discover pockets of excellence within your organization. When you recognize their contribution and incorporate their behavior into your processes, you will inspire innovation across all disciplines.

Monitor the Vital Signs

Identify changes as they happen. With regular delivery of your performance index in 11 critical factors that define an agent’s experience, your team has the strategic edge as new trends emerge.

Independent agents agree that ease of doing business is critical in choosing which P&C carrier gets their business.



Independent metrics and agent insights detail where you stand against your competitors on the quest for agent loyalty—and WHY.


Your strategic edge in building loyalty within your P&C agent network, this proprietary index exposes actionable market intelligence.