This is the first edition of what we want to be an ongoing discussion. The purpose will be to provide advice that helps Insurance Carriers and their Independent Agents thrive together in this era of uncertainty and change.

L to R: Uncle Bud (Agent), Aunt Shirley, Aunt Marilyn, Grandfather (Homer Bogart), Dad (Richard Bogart – Carrier Executive), Uncle Bob (Agent)

My father and his brothers were born into a blue-collar household on the South Side of Chicago. They survived the great depression, their tough neighborhood, World War II and Korea. Their father had to quit school at 12 to work. The brothers went to college on the GI Bill. Then they achieved the American dream. They became insurance professionals…

Well, maybe being in the insurance business is not the dream of most Americans, but it is still something to be proud of. What they and their colleagues achieved allowed the greatest generation to take risk and create the foundation of our American economy today.  Those of us who carry on their legacy should also be proud of providing this same crucial service to today’s world economy.

My father worked most of his career for insurance carriers. His brothers were agents. At the dinner table we listened to the telling, and retelling, of epic battles of will between agents, underwriters and claims people.  Some of these challenges turned into ridiculous fiascoes and others magnificent successes. When the players in these battles were concerned only about their own self-interest, outcomes were ultimately negative for all. However, when the players worked together to achieve fair outcomes, everyone was successful.

These are lessons that are as true today as they were for the greatest generation.

Dad used to say that if a carrier is easy to do business with and trusted by their agents, they will attract and retain the best business. With this philosophy he built a successful carrier branch office. He then passed the inspiration on to me and I used it to lead a struggling branch office through a turn around.

Dad’s theory turned out to be fact, and we now have the data to prove it.

Over the last two years, Deep Customer Connections surveyed over ten thousand Independent Insurance Agents.  98% of agents AGREE ease of doing business is CRITICAL to their placement decision.


In future editions we will continue to explore this concept, provide insights and share stories around Ease of Doing Business with Independent Agents. If you would like to chat before then, reach out to me.